Restoring good faith and trust to the automotive repair industry by becoming a trusted part of the community.

Highlights of Our Services

A technician performs brake repairs at Zima Automotive in Springfield, OH

We service and repair every aspect of the braking system, from electronics to the mechanical system

Suspension repairs at our Springfield auto repair shop

Tie rods, ball joints, shocks/struts,  power steering systems and programming are no problem at all for us to take care of

Oil Change Springfield, Ohio | Oil Change Urbana Ohio
Oil Change

We use only full synthetic oil to make sure your car gets the best care possible.  We will also give you a complete digital inspection of the vehicle with pictures, videos and updates!

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New tires installed at Zima Automotive

We install and repair all types of tires and rims, in most cases we can get any tire you want in the same day

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Auto detailing | A/C vents are being cleaned during a full detail

Cleanliness is next to Godliness (or so they say), we offer full detailing services from vacuuming to paint correction

Classic car repair and service | A chevelle sits in the parking lot after repairs
Classic Car

We will put the muscle back in that old classic of yours. Carburetors, engine rebuilds and simple tuneups are a specialty of ours.

Performance engine rebuilds at Zima Automotive
Engine Rebuilds

Complete rebuilds of engines done in house: camshafts, cylinder heads, crankshafts etc…

A custom exhaust is being welded by a mechanic at our Springfield, OH auto repair shop

We fix and repair all exhaust systems on all makes and models.  We can fabricate new systems or restore to the manufacturer’s specifications

Auto repair in Springfield, OH | Spark plug wires are replaced as part of a tune-up
Maintenance & Repair

We follow the manufacturers recommendation for basic maintenance and repair.  You will be given a list of mileages and what services are recommended by the vehicles manufacture at those specific intervals.

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Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Free pick-up and drop-off services are available at Zima Automotive

FREE pick-up and drop-off service.

We will pick your car up at your house or business for no extra charge!

We know what a hassle it can be to rearrange your day just to get your vehicle to the shop. That is why we offer a free pick up and drop of service with any repair.  Let us take the hassle out of the repair!

About Max Zima

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, I grew up with a great interest and desire to fix things. Whether it was a bike, go-cart or just helping my dad in the garage, I just always felt like “I belonged doing this.”

In 2001 I attended the Chrysler Apprenticeship Program at Macomb College. This was a two year program where I would go to school full time and work in a Chrysler dealership part time–blending technical training with hands on training. 

Over the years I went from dealerships to independent garages for a more challenging atmosphere. In 2007, I took a break from it all and became a missionary in the Philippines. It was on the mission field that the love that I once had for automotive service was reignited. 

Over the next few years, I started to work with local men, teaching them the trade of auto repair. This took off faster than I expected, and soon I was teaching repair, fabricating, and general maintenance. 

In 2013, My wife and I returned to the States to start a family and pursue what God had put before us. For the past seven years we have been growing Zima Automotive, not only as an auto repair company but also as a service to the community. 

Now, my wife, Janice, and I have expanded our business (and our family–two kids; Hezekiah and Kathalia) and service several vehicles per day. Our team is continually growing and we are astounded by God’s favor on our business. We believe one thing that sets us apart is our devotion to customer service. We are constantly figuring out new ways to make automotive services more convenient and affordable for our customers. We even pick our customers’ vehicles up, while they’re away or at work! This is a huge stress relief for so many. We even teach our customers how to do preventative maintenance.

These are things we are committed to continue, as we put our customers first and prove to them just how much we appreciate them for choosing Zima Automotive!

Max Zima poses for a picture

Meet The Team

Max Zima poses for a picture
Max Zima
Mechanic, Wes Carter
Wes Carter

I’m Wesley carter and when I began with Zima Automotive almost 3 years ago, I had no automotive experience whatsoever. Only a camera and a passion to see this business grow. Here we are today where I still wield a camera but now a wrench as well.

Lexus, the shop's mascot

I’m Lexus the English mastiff. I’ve been hanging out at Zima Automotive for what has been the greatest six months of my life (which coincidentally is my entire life). When I’m not playing fetch with wrenches or racing cars up the driveway, I’m greeting our wonderful customers with a wagging tail and demanding belly rubs.

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