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Car AC Not Cooling? Five Simple Steps to Help Diagnose It!

You don’t have to be a mechanic in Springfield, OH to know your car needs AC repair. We can almost certainly say that if your car air conditioner isn’t cooling (and you have the settings right), then you have a problem.

Fortunately, the experienced mechanics of Zima Automotive specializes in auto air conditioning repair and other maintenance services for virtually all makes and models. We’ve almost seen it all when it comes to car AC repair. 

When a car AC isn’t blowing cold, it’s usually one of the following causes. We’re not saying these are the only reasons your car AC isn’t blowing cold, but these are the usual suspects.

1. Your Car AC Needs to Be Recharged.

Like your smartphone, your car’s AC may need to be recharged. But before you grab your iPhone or C-Type charger, let’s clarify. When we say “recharge,” we’re referring to the refrigerant or freon

Fortunately, there are several ways to recharge your AC. You can even purchase a DIY kit at your local auto parts store in Springfield, OH.

If you use the kit and all is well, you’ve solved the problem. But if you have to recharge your AC more than once, you almost certainly have a leak. This will require professional AC repair. 

Here are a few top signs that you have an AC system refrigerant leak:

  • You hear hissing sounds when the car air conditioning is turned off.
  • You hear an audible click whenever your car AC is turned on.
  • The car air conditioning cycles off and on frequently.
  • You notice oil residue around AC hoses and pipe fittings.

2. The Blend Air Door Is Stuck.

Every time you heat your car, the warm air that circulates over your engine is sent into your car. However, when you switch your car AC on to cool your vehicle, a “blend air door” is supposed to close off the warm air while allowing cool air from your car air conditioning into the cabin.

However, this blend air door gets stuck sometimes. When this happens, the air blowing in your face will not be nearly cold enough or even cool. 

Fortunately, repairing the blend air door isn’t a primary AC repair service. But it can still be relatively difficult to access because it’s usually embedded deep behind the dashboard.

3. Your Car Air Conditioning Compressor Isn’t Engaging.

The heart of your car air conditioning is the compressor. The ultimate role of the compressor is to compress freon or refrigerant. As the freon expands later, it gets extremely cold and provides you with air conditioning.

However, if your car air conditioning compressor is malfunctioning or not engaging, the air in your vehicle will not get cold. There are several reasons why your car air conditioning compressor may not be working, such as:

  • Overheated engine
  • Electrical problems
  • Low freon levels

4. The Fan Motor Has Failed.

Another prevalent cause of your car AC not blowing cold air in Springfield, OH is a faulty fan motor. This key component is situated in the front of your motor. Whether it has two fans or one, the fan motor must properly function to keep you cool, calm, and collected.

5. You Have a Broken or Blocked Condensor.

The condenser is a miracle part tasked with morphing freon gases back into liquids. If your condenser is damaged or blocked by debris, your freon will be unable to flow. But that’s not the only thing that stops flowing— your cold air stops flowing, too. You will not even get cool or nicely chilled air when your condenser is blocked or broken.

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You don’t have to sweat about your car air conditioning blowing not-so-cold or lukewarm air. The experienced mechanics at Zima Automotive in Springfield, OH can help. 

We proudly offer fast and affordable car AC repair for virtually all makes and models. Call us today at 937-342-3911 or stop by to see us! Zima Automotive is conveniently located at 4800 Urbana Road, Springfield, OH 45505. You can also fill out this contact form.

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