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Fluid Exchange Services In Springfield, Ohio


Your vehicle’s cooling system is what keeps it from overheating. It works by circulating coolant throughout your engine. Over time the coolant becomes contaminated with rust and dirt, which can create a blockage and damage the components in the cooling system. A system flush, flushes out the entire system of all contaminants and replaces the old fluid with fresh coolant.

When Should You Have This Service Done?

Every vehicle is different, so for an exact maintenance schedule consult your owner’s manual to see exactly when it needs to be done. A good rule of thumb is every 30,000 miles. If this service is done as part of your scheduled maintenance it protects you from overheating on the road.

The other reason to have this done is if your car is running hot which you can check on your temperature gauge on your dashboard. You should do your best to take care of this as part of your preventative maintenance so you never have to go through the hassle and frustration of your car overheating while on the road.

The Most Common Symptoms Indicating You Need To Flush Your Cooling System Are:

  • Low Coolant Light is on
  • Engine is overheating
  • Temperature Gauge is reading hotter than normal
  • It may also be the reason your check engine light is on

What Is The Fluid Flush Process?

When your coolant needs to be exchanged the old coolant is most likely dirty. If we only add new coolant, we don’t eliminate the problem just create more contaminated fluid. This is why we take out all the fluid in your cooling system and replace it with new fluid. While doing this we check for cracks in your hoses and examine the radiator which is a key component to your cooling system.

You can be confident that we not only fixed the issue, and kept your scheduled maintenance on track; we also help ensure you’re not going to have another problem with your cooling system in the near future. If you have any questions about your engine cooling system or want to book an appointment, give us a call. We are always happy to help!  Call Zima Automotive to schedule an appointment for your Vehicle Today!

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