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What Is Engine Decarbonization & Should My Engine Be Crunk?

While your engine should always crank, it shouldn’t be crunk… as in the pop culture craze circa 2000. For those unfamiliar with the craze, your engine shouldn’t be knocking, bouncing, and making strange bumping noises underneath the hood.

Yet, this was the case for one customer’s Range Rover. She came to Zima Automotive with concerns over knocking noises throughout her engine compartment. 

After an examination, we noticed part of the problem was a misfiring engine caused by carbon buildup. The remedy to the issue involved extensive and expensive repairs.

However, this doesn’t have to be your experience. Instead, you can schedule engine decarbonization as preventative maintenance at Zima Automotive in Springfield, OH. 

Let’s take a closer look at car engine decarbonizing. And if you have questions, feel free to reach out to Zima Automotive in Springfield, OH.

What Is Engine Decarbonization?

Engine decarbonization is cleaning up the carbon residue that tends to build in the combustion chamber. This carbon is the leftover remains from the gas combustion process. 

Carbon deposits will primarily build up on your engine’s cylinder head and pistols. Excessive carbon buildup can lead to expensive combustion chamber cleaning, auto repair, or outright engine failure if left unattended.

By having preventative maintenance, you can prevent the need to have more expensive combustion chamber cleaning. Car decarbonization can bolster the performance of your engine while restoring fuel efficiency, reducing vibration, and reducing engine noises. 

At the same time, having preventative maintenance with engine decarbonization can protect critical parts of your engine, such as the catalytic converters. It can also protect other components in your vehicle, such as exhaust sensors.

How Often Should Engine Decarbonization Be Performed?

Engine decarbonization is a preventative maintenance service that should be performed at around 50,000 miles. 

However, it would be best to refer to your owner’s manual for specifics regarding your vehicle’s suggested engine decarbonization schedule. Or you can reach out to the team at Zima Automotive in Springfield, OH to speak to our mechanics. 

In either case, the goal is to have car decarbonization performed before your engine accumulates massive amounts of carbon.

Contact Zima Automotive for Engine Decarbonization

Our mechanics At Zima Automotive in Springfield, OH offers preventative maintenance services. Once we inspect your vehicle, we will suggest chemical decarbonization or physical combustion chamber cleaning. We will work to protect your engine and ensure it delivers the performance you deserve. 

A few benefits of having engine decarbonization include:

Contact Zima Automotive by calling 937-342-3911, sending us a message, or stopping by our shop at 4800 Urbana Rd., Springfield, OH, 45502.

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