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A Look at the Top Fall Car Care Services in Springfield, OH

As the pleasant weather takes a turn for the worse, it’s time to get fall car care services out of the way. Otherwise, you could get caught in the first storm of the season without the means to continue on your travels safely. Fortunately, our team at Zima Automotive is here to help you get your car ready for the rain, sleet, and hail to come. With a visit to our Springfield, OH auto repair shop, you can get all the following services completed right on schedule.

Wipers and Lights

When it comes to staying safe in bad weather, you need new wipers and bright lights on your side. Without that, your worn wipers will just smear the water around while your dim lights leave you squinting into the darkness. As your trusted Springfield OH auto tech, we can prevent all that by simply replacing your windshield wipers, refilling your washer fluid, and restoring your headlights. On top of that, we will check the bulbs at all corners to confirm they’re as bright as they can be.

Tire Replacement

There’s nothing like unexpectedly hydroplaning at a high rate of speed to get your heart pumping out of your chest. Although it’s not always avoidable, you can keep hydroplaning to a minimum by only riding on quality tires with good tread. To make sure that your tires are up to the task, have your mechanic take a look. They will measure the tread, check the rubber’s condition, and tell you if you need new tires.

Brake Service

Even with a good set of tires on your car, slippery road surfaces make it difficult to slow down and stop like normal. Your car may take a lot longer to scrub off the speed, especially if your brakes are worn past their service limits. To maximize your stopping power, you’ll want to have your brakes inspected at the start of the fall season. Your auto repair tech will measure the pads and rotors to confirm they’re in spec and then check your brake fluid to see if it’s low, dirty, or otherwise in need of a refill.

Heat Check

With temperatures steadily falling through autumn, you’ll likely find yourself reaching for the heater controls sooner than you might think. If you want to make sure that the heat starts blasting on demand, have your auto tech take a look long before you need the extra warmth. They’ll confirm that your heating system reaches the proper temp range and check for heat coming out of all the vents. If they find something wrong, you can have them fix it well before the cold weather arrives.

Need European Auto Repair in Springfield, OH?

If you’d like to get European auto repair and maintenance services in Springfield, OH, call 937-342-3911 to speak with our team at Zima Automotive. We’re always happy to help you find the best time to come by our auto repair shop for fall car care and more. With help from our team, you can get your car ready for the rainy season plus complete any factory-recommended maintenance needed at that time. So, please feel free to reach out whenever you need auto repair services.

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