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Keeping Your Car Looking Nice and New

Keeping Your Car Looking Nice and New

There’s nothing quite like driving off in your new car for the first time. The smooth exterior paint. The clean, crisp interior. That new-car smell. If only your car could feel that way forever.

Sadly, it won’t. Sooner or later, the outside and inside will get dirty. The colors will begin to fade under the harsh sunlight. Scratches, nicks, and chips will appear. Even that wonderful smell will disappear.

But that doesn’t mean you have to let your car become dirty, beat-up, and smelly. With some simple, consistent effort, you can keep your vehicle looking surprisingly fresh for years to come. Not only does this make it more pleasant to drive, but it will improve the resale value, should you decide to part with it someday.

Wash It (Preferably by Hand)

Washing your car not only makes it look nice, but it removes build up and debris that can start to wear down your exterior coat. If you really want to get your car clean, however, you should wash it by hand. Automatic car washes are incredibly convenient, especially during the winter, but they usually don’t go very deep.

An automatic carwash is definitely better than nothing, but you’ll usually find streaks, bugs, and other build up is still being left behind. A manual car wash typically does a much better job, and it’s usually cheaper.

But honestly, if the weather is nice enough and you have the means to do so, have your car hand washed instead. By taking some extra time and using some handheld tools, you’re guaranteed to get a better clean.

And don’t neglect the inside. Vacuum the carpets, dust the dash. If your interior is leather, get yourself some cleaning and conditioning product. There are a number of applicators that can breathe new life into that soon to be cracking leather.

Wax On, Wax Off

Ask someone how much you should wax your car, and you’ll get a wide variety of answers. It can depend on where you live, how much you drive your car, and what you wax it with. What we can say is you should wax your vehicle MULTIPLE times per year.

And the spray on wax at the automatic car wash just doesn’t cut it.

Not only does waxing keep the color of your car and help it to shine, but it prevents rust which will ultimately affect resale value.

The Little Things

There are a number of other simple actions you can take to spruce up your car. For example, you can keep some tire cleaner on hand. It’s amazing how far a set of shiny tires can go. It’s also good to buff out small scratches, polish up any chrome or metal you have, and if you can, have small touch ups done here and there.

Also, keep an air freshener in your vehicle. It’s better for everyone.

Get Your Car Professionally Detailed

If you really want to keep that new-car feeling, a professional detailing is the way to go. This is essentially what a dealership does before they sell a used car. Detailing gets into the cracks and crevices, using a number of tools you likely don’t have on hand.

While the specifics can vary, detailing will take care of the interior and exterior of your vehicle. It can even get rid of some small chips and scratches.

At Zima Automotive, we provide thorough detailing that breathes new life into your car. It’s a difference you really have to see to believe. If you have anything that needs fixing, we can take car of that too. For added convenience, we also offer free pick-up and drop-off services.

Give your car the love and attention it deserves. For car detailing and auto repair in the Springfield/Urbana, Ohio area, contact Zima Automotive today!

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