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Does Your Car Need an Oil Leak Diaper?

Accidents. We’ve all had them. The inability to control one’s bodily fluid can quickly spring up on the best of us. And it always seems to occur at the most inopportune time. 

However, if your vehicle uncontrollably springs an oil leak in the driveway or parking lot, it’s not something that you should overlook and hope it goes away. News flash: it won’t.

Fortunately, Zima Automotive in Springfield, OH is the leading provider of double-ply oil leak diapers in all sizes. Well, not really, but we do have the expertise and skill to repair fluid leaks from all sources. 

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the top causes of oil and fluid leaks from your vehicle.

You Need an Oil Change

One of the most common causes of an oil leak is a raggedy, broken-down oil filter. A regular oil change can be an easy remedy.

Your oil filter is tasked with capturing and removing dangerous contaminants before they destroy your engine. Most oil filters will work as intended, but if you’re overdue for an oil change, your filter may start leaking. 

The solution: replace the filter and consider an oil change while you’re at it.

A Tisket, A Tasket—You Have an Oil Leak from a Broken Gasket

The gasket is a quintessential part of your engine. Gaskets are tasked with transferring fluids, such as gas, oil, and coolant, throughout your vehicle. 

Similar to your favorite pair of shoes, gaskets will degrade over time. This causes the seal of the gasket to get weak. Once this happens, you’ll begin to see oil leaking from your vehicle. If you’re at about 100,000 miles or more, a broken gasket could be the culprit of your oil leak.

Out of the Oil Pan, Onto the Driveway

Another potential cause of an oil leak is a busted oil pan

The pan underneath your engine can quickly become damaged by rocks and other debris. Rough roads are notorious for causing a hole in the pan. Thus, finding the oil leak should always include an inspection of the pan.

Whoa! Take It Easy with the Oil

Although motor oil is good, you can have too much of a good thing. If you’ve been “topping off” your engine yourself with motor oil, what you think is an oil leak may just be too much oil. 

Most experts suggest that you add oil by only pouring a quarter of the container at a time. After each pour, you should wait a minute for the oil to drain into the pan and repeat the process.

Contact Zima Automotive for Oil Leak Repair in Springfield, OH

We get it. Finding oil or transmission fluid in your driveway can be alarming, and it should be. It could be the first sign of a problem.

It’s imperative that you heed the warning and not ignore it, like when your pup lets one loose in the neighbor’s yard. While you may be able to shame your pooch—”bad dog”— your vehicle has no chill. This means you must correct the underlying problem. 

Zima Automotive has you covered when it comes to correcting an oil leak. Contact us today for an expert oil change, oil leak repair, and virtually every auto repair.

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