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Get To Know Us:

Wesley Carter

I’m Wesley Carter, and I’m from right here in Springfield; however, I spent much of my childhood in Tanzania as the son of missionary parents. I can’t say that I never imagined myself working as a mechanic in my childhood. My story with Zima Automotive began when I started taking photos and managing the business’s social media for Max while working from his garage at home. In time, however, I was offered a full-time position working in the shop despite my work experience as a barista and service manager at a Chipotle. 

Over the last few years, Max and others have taken on the daunting task of training me in the trade (and art) of Automotive Repair. This experience has uncovered a passion within myself for working with my hands and fixing broken things. I continue to handle the company’s photos, videos, and social media. Still, I love it, but nothing beats the pride and satisfaction I feel in providing excellent repair experiences for our customers. 

I have a beautiful and growing family with my incredible wife Haley, daughter Eliana, and a second daughter on the way, who I presume will be just as delightful as the first.


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