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Get To Know Us:

William Bailey

My name is William Bailey, and I am from Urbana, Ohio. Growing up was fun. I always loved to work in the garage with my dad. An interesting fact to me was, I built my first go-kart when I was eight years old. My dad got me interested in working on cars. He was always working on something, and I always wanted to help him. 

I love my job at Zima because it’s a fun, safe, friendly, and laid-back environment. I get out of bed every day to see my beautiful wife, Madison. 

My future goals would be to retire, be with my wife, hunt, and fish every day. My family is the best: my wife, two dogs, Gemma, a Pitbull, Smokey, a mixed breed, and five cats. I enjoy working with the Zima crew because they are fun and helpful.

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