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Pre-Purchase Inspection In Springfield, Ohio

Before you purchase a used car it is a good idea to perform a pre purchase used car inspection to determine if there are any issues with your perspective new vehicle.  This is a service Zima Automotive offers.

The inspection will include basic items including mechanical, safety, and appearance, such as the vehicles:

  • Battery
  • Belts
  • Body condition
  • Brakes
  • Fluids
  • Hoses
  • Radiator
  • Suspension

The inspection will include a road test and computerized engine analysis to verify that it is not producing any engine computer codes.

Here Are Some Of The Other Items We Look For:


  • Body – General inspection of the condition of the car including dents, scratches, and dings. We will note if there is body damage or indications of rust.
  • Windows and Mirrors – We will note any chips or cracks in windshield, rear window, side windows, side mirrors and rear view mirrors.
  • Wipers – Check the wiper assemblies work and that the blades are in good repair for the front window and the rear window if the vehicle is equipped with a rear wiper blade.
  • Tires and wheels – Tires contribute to safety and fuel economy. Some items we will note, are all the wheels the same size, type, brand and age? We will also measure the tire tread.
  • Under the hood – look for oil leaks, exhaust leaks, and exhaust smoke.
  • Operation of the doors handles, doors and trunk.


  • Are there any odors of smoke or mildew?
  • Sound system – test the radio, speakers, CD player.
  • Upholstery and Flooring – look at condition of the seats, carpeting, headliner.
  • Trunk – inspect the carpeting and verify that the necessary tools, jack, and spare tire are present.
  • Lights and other Electric controls: Verify that the headlights, high beams, tail lights, brake lights, parking lights, turn signals are all functioning properly
  • Other Electric Controls – Check the operation of air conditioner & heater, electric door locks, electric windows, sunroof, and electric seat controls.
  • Other Interior items if equipped – check the glove box, hood release, power port, USB port, headrests, door panels, and vanity mirrors.
  • If equipped with keyless entry system does it function properly
  • Horn, gas cap, other items installed on the car


  • Do all the gauges operate– speedometer, fuel gage, temperature gage or warning lamp, and oil pressure.
  • Brake system – brakes grabbing  noise, vibration
  • Engine or acceleration noise
  • Starting ease or noise
  • Steering – drifting, pulling, or squeaking
  • Transmission – shift quality, smoothness vs slipping
  • Temperature and performance of the engine while operating
  • Transaxle noise
  • Drive axle or CV joint noise

Results Of A Pre Purchase Car Inspection

Now that you have your pre purchase car inspection, this is how it can help you.

  • A trouble free, good report will make both the buyer and seller feel more at ease with the transaction.
  • A report that demonstrates some minor flaws can be used to negotiate a lower price. Or the seller can repair the issues before the sale is completed.
  • While a bad report, might make you reconsider the purchase or renegotiate a much lower price, or at a minimum, know what problems you are purchasing.

When you’re about to purchase a car, it is important that the vehicle has no major internal or external problems. At Zima Automotive in Springfield Ohio we provide pre-purchase inspections for this reason! Contact us at 937-343-3911 when you’re ready for an inspection.

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