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Shocks And Struts Repair Services In Springfield, OH

At each corner of your vehicle, you have shocks or struts busy supporting your vehicle and absorbing bumps, jolts, and vibrations from the road. When these parts wear out, you can feel it as the bumps come through in full force, leaving your car bouncing around uncomfortably. To restore your ride quality, all you have to do is schedule a visit with our team at Zima Automotive. We can quickly replace your worn shocks and struts, plus perform any other repairs needed at that time.

How Good Shocks And Struts Should Work

When in good working order, your shocks and struts work with the springs to absorb harsh bumps as you drive along the road. As that occurs, these vital parts not only improve your ride quality but also preserve the excellent handling characteristics of your ride. You can then pilot your vehicle over the roughest roads with confidence that you’re in complete control.

High-quality shocks and struts also take the pressure off the other parts in your suspension system, including the following:

  • Ball joints
  • Control arms
  • Tie rods

Even the tires get a break as the bumps are absorbed, especially over particularly rough roads. As a result, the shocks and struts help extend the life of your suspension components, keeping more money in your pocket mile after mile.

Signs You Need New Shocks And Struts

When your shocks and struts entirely wear out, you’ll feel it as you drive over bumps and divots in the road. You might also notice that your car’s rear end dips when you accelerate, and then the nose dives as you hit the brakes. Other signs of bad shocks and struts include:
  • Excessive body roll through the corners
  • Instability when driving over 50 MPH
  • Unusual wear of the tires
Whenever your car feels different on your drives, it’s well worth having it checked out by your Springfield, OH auto tech. When you come to our shop, we’ll perform a complete digital vehicle inspection and let you know about our findings by text. While viewing our full report, you can review the tech’s notes and look at videos and pictures that highlight the problem.

Other Important Parts To Replace

Depending on your vehicle build, you may need to have additional parts replaced to restore your ride quality, such as:

  • Shock mount
  • Strut bumper
  • Strut bellows
  • Control arm bushings
  • Sway bar links

Your tech will inspect every part in full to see any signs of wear or damage. If they deter

Time For Shock And Strut Repair In Springfield, Oh? Schedule Your Visit

For car care done right in Springfield, OH and surrounding areas, just speak with our team at Zima Automotive with a call to 937-717-3398. We’re always here to help you find the best time for your auto repair visit. You can either bring your car down to the shop or get our convenient vehicle pick up and drop off services. Either way, we look forward to caring for your vehicle, so please feel free to visit us today.

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