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Automotive Steering Repairs In Springfield, OH

When in good working condition, your car’s steering system lets you effortlessly maneuver your vehicle. However, if any of the parts wear out or get damaged, you may find yourself fighting for control of your car. Thankfully, you can count on our team at Zima Automotive to get the system back in shape whenever anything goes awry with your steering. We can even help prevent problems from the get-go by performing regular digital vehicle inspections.

Signs You Need Steering Repairs

When problems arise with your steering system, you may notice the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty turning the wheel back and forth
  • Excessive play in the steering wheel
  • Minimal response while turning the wheel
  • The car pulls to one side while holding the wheel straight
  • Vibrations through the steering wheel or seat
  • Grinding or screeching noises while turning

If you go to top off the power steering fluid and notice any foam or discoloration, that’s also a surefire sign that your car needs steering repairs.

No matter what symptoms you notice, if your car feels different than usual, it’s time to get it into the shop. Otherwise, you could end up without control of your vehicle, putting you at risk of an accident.

Most Common Types Of Steering Issues

Our skilled auto techs in Springfield, OH, are well-versed in handling automotive steering issues of all kinds, including:
  • Worn rack and pinion
  • Damaged power steering belt
  • Power steering fluid leak
  • Power steering pump failure
  • Electrical short affecting the steering
Even suspension problems can cause your steering to feel wonky and out of sorts.

Diagnosis Of Automotive Steering Problems

To figure out just what’s going on with your car, our team always starts each repair visit with a digital vehicle inspection. During that inspection process, our techs record videos, take pictures and jot down notes reflecting the condition of your vehicle. Then, they send it over by text for your review, letting you authorize repairs right from your phone. If the cause of your steering issues is not clear at a glance, our techs can move through the diagnostic process. During those proven procedures, they’ll track down the cause of your car’s steering problem so that they can make just the proper repair recommendations. After that, it’s just a matter of letting you know what’s going on, getting repair authorizations squared away, and completing the needed services. Once that’s done, we can send you the invoice by email or text so that you can issue payment right from your phone. Then, you can figure out the best time to come down and pick up your car or have our team drop it back off at your location.

Ready For Steering Repair In Springfield, Oh? Call To Get On The Schedule

Whenever you need steering repair, you can call our team at Zima Automotive by dialing 937-717-3398. We’re always here to help you find the ideal time to swing by our shop or schedule our pick-up service. We can even drop off your vehicle once we’re done with repairs, so you can get your car fixed upright without having to disrupt your day. So, please feel free to give us a call anytime you need steering repairs.

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