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Synthetic vs. Conventional: Is Switching Between Oil Types Okay?

When it comes to doing oil changes, switching between synthetic and conventional oil is perfectly okay. Despite the oil myths, both oil types are compatible with each other – no engine flush needed. So, simply making the switch will not cause any damage to your engine nor impact your travels. But, once you go with a high-quality full synthetic oil, you won’t want to switch back to conventional. Here’s why.

Your Primer on Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil Types

Since it’s made from refined crude oil, conventional oil doesn’t have a stable chemical structure with uniform molecule shapes and sizes. Instead, the molecules are all different, which allows the oil to oxidize, acidify, and break down rather quickly.

Full synthetics, on the other hand, are precisely engineered to get around that problem. The result is a stable base oil structure that can last longer than ever, allowing you to get the most value out of every oil change. Its uniform molecular structure also helps the additives work their magic to better protect your engine mile after mile.

Overall, the benefits of using a high-quality full synthetic at every oil change include:

  • Prevents sludge from building up in the internal passageways in your engine
  • Protects all the moving parts in your motor from excessive wear over the years
  • Helps cool the internals in your engine and protect them from high temperatures
  • Keeps oil flowing smoothly through your engine while driving in cold weather

With all these benefits on your side, it just makes sense to switch to synthetic oil and never go back to conventional.

Conventional vs. Synthetic Oil Change Intervals

When you go with synthetic motor oil instead of conventional, you can come into your favorite Springfield OH auto repair shop for oil changes much less often. Although that means missing out on what the auto repair team is up to, it also saves you money in the long run.

With conventional oil, you’d have to jet in every 3,000 to 5,000 miles for an oil change to keep your motor in top condition. If you wait too long, the additives and base oil structure rapidly breakdown, often turning into a nasty sludge.

When you switch to a high-quality full synthetic oil, however, you can likely go 6,000 to 16,000 miles between oil changes. The exact timing depends on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, driving styles, and environmental conditions. Your mechanic can look at those factors and let you know exactly when to come into the shop for service.

Is It Time for an Oil Change? Schedule Your Visit to Our Springfield OH Auto Shop

If your car needs an oil change, or you just want to change oil types, give our team at Zima Automotive a call at 937-342-3911 to schedule your visit. You can trust that we will always use high-quality full synthetic motor oil in your car. We’ll also take the time to understand your car’s maintenance needs and set you up with a service schedule to follow for the precise care of your vehicle.

Fact Or Fiction?

When it comes to auto repair and maintenance, there are so many ideas and myths, making it overwhelming for those who just don’t know what to believe! Hence the reason that I made this video called “Fact Or Fiction”. In this video I debunk myths and confirming truths to automotive stuff, helping you feel settled once and for all. 

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