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Tires And Wheel Alignments In Springfield, OH

Tires & Alignments

Since the wheels are your car’s only direct contact with the ground, it just makes sense to do all you can to keep them in great shape. From regular tire rotations to wheel alignment services, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure your car stays surefooted in all driving situations. For help with all your tire services, you can turn to our experienced auto repair team at Zima Automotive. We’re your leading supplier of quality tires plus offer all the services your wheels need to perform at their best.

We Carry All Major Tire Brands

Whether your tires are old, worn, or simply not quite right for your car, you can come to our team for a new set. We can get you set up with all-seasons, summer tires, and winter tread to best support all your travels.

At our auto repair shop in Springfield, OH, we carry all the major tire brands, including:

After we help you pick out your perfect set of tires, our team will install the tires on your rims, making sure to balance them just right. Then, we’ll mount your tires and complete any other services you need, including wheel alignments.

Tire Repairs And Rotation Services

Our auto repair team is also available to help keep your tires in excellent condition. If your tires suffer any minor damage on your travels, like a nail puncture, we can potentially fix the damage and get you back out on the road.

Are you noticing a vibration while driving? At Zima Automotive, we one of the only shops in the Springfield area to offer ‘Road Force Balancing’ helping your vehicle achieve the most optimal ride. On top of that, we can rotate your tires regularly to keep them wearing evenly mile after mile. Otherwise, your tires could start to wear down at the front or back, leaving you shopping for new tread in no time flat.

Our auto techs perform winter changeovers as well to keep your car firmly gripping the road. Just bring in your winter set – or work with us to buy one – and we’ll get them on your vehicle at the start of the season. Then, after the cold-weather season, we’ll switch your car back to its regular tread for the rest of the year.

Importance Of Regular Wheel Alignments

Although tire rotations are essential, you also need to get regular wheel alignments to reduce tread wear and maximize handling. Our techs adjust the toe, camber, and caster during the alignment, depending on your vehicle’s needs. They dial in the tire position to match the suspension geometry and optimize the contact patch with that move. Your tires will last much longer as a result, and your car’s handling will leave you feeling confident behind the wheel.

Time For Tire Repair And Services In Springfield, OH? Call Our Team

Whenever you need new tires, tire services, and wheel alignments and road force balancing in Springfield, OH, just reach out to our team at Zima Automotive. We’re always available at 937-717-3398 to help you find a great time to swing by our auto repair shop. We’ll perform a complete digital vehicle inspection at each visit and then complete all the services needed to keep your car running and driving great. So, please feel free to reach out to us anytime for car care done right.

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