Quality Tire Sales and Installation

At Zima Automotive, we’re passionate about selling quality tires to Springfield residents. Cheap tires can significantly increase your chances of an accident, hindering your ability to maintain control in bad weather and maneuver in surprise situations. Our tires will keep your car on the ground, moving in the direction you’re wanting to go. 

Tires Springfield OhioNo matter your vehicle, we have great tires available for affordable prices. 

We’re more than happy to help guide you in the tire purchasing process so that you end up with the best tires for your needs. Once you’ve purchased your tires, our ASE certified technicians will ensure they’re installed correctly. As with all of our car work, we place a special emphasis on attention to detail. 

With a good set of tires and proper installation, you should be set for 70,000 miles or more of safe, responsive driving. Don’t compromise on safety and performance by purchasing low-grade tires from a big-box store. For dependable tires, Springfield, Ohio residents can trust Zima Automative. 

Why Good Tires are Important

Tires aren’t something to be taken for granted. They serve a vital function in keeping your car grounded while you remain in control.  Today’s tires are engineered to withstand a lot. On any given drive, your tires are exposed to high-friction, extreme temperatures, blunt-force impact, precipitation, and more.  A quality set of tires can endure the toughest conditions without sacrificing performance.

Unfortunately, too many people settle for the cheapest available tires from the closest retailer.  This is a mistake. 

Not only do low-quality tires not last as long, but they significantly increase your chances of an accident. Approximately 11,000 accidents happen every year because of bad tires. Cheap tires wear down faster and decrease your car’s overall control and performance. Whatever money you save in upfront cost is quickly lost in the long run. If you want to stay safe and maximize your car’s performance, a set of reliable tires are a must. 

We can help with that.

Quality, Affordable Tires in Springfield, Ohio

At Zima Automotive, we have tires for every situation. Though we carry multiple brands, we primarily offer Cooper Tires in Springfield, Ohio. These tires come with a 45 day test-drive guarantee, and they’re made in America, ensuring a higher quality build. Most tires on the market come from foreign manufacturers, which means a lot of what you’re paying for is tariffs and shipping cost, not the actual tire. 

With our tires, you can trust that your money is going directly towards the tires that are being put on your car. 

When it’s time to get new tires, don’t settle for bargain bin rubber. If buying a better set of tires saves you from just one accident, they’ve more than paid for themselves. For all of your tire needs in Springfield, Ohio, Zima Automotive is here for you. Give us a call, send us an email, or come visit our shop at 4800 Urbana Rd, Springfield, OH 45502 to see what we have to offer.

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