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Why Am I Hearing Bad Sounds From My Car?

Why Am I Hearing Bad Sounds From My Car? Zima Automotive, Springfield OH owner Max Zima

If you’ve been hearing a strange screeching, rattling, or grinding noise from your car, you might be feeling a bit worried about just what’s going on with it. Your mind may start to wander through all the major issues it could be having, leaving you feeling worried and checking your budget for car repair funds. But before you start getting down about it all, use this guide to better understand bad car sounds and just how your Springfield OH repair team can help.

Not All Car Sounds are Bad, but They are All Worth Investigating

Cars make all sorts of sounds that might seem strange if you’re not in the habit of listening to it on the regular. So, turn down that radio and take in its symphony of noises for five to ten minutes at least once a week. Once you have a good idea about how your car sounds normally, you’ll be in a better position to note bad noises when they crop up. If you’re ever unsure how it should sound, don’t hesitate to have your trusted auto tech have a listen and let you know what’s normal.  

Common Car Sounds and Their Meanings

Some bad car sounds are more common than others. Here’s a look at the three most common ones you might come across while listening to your vehicle run and drive.

Screeching from the Engine Bay

As you tune into your car sounds for the week, you may hear loud screeching coming from somewhere in the engine bay. This noise tends to crop up as the serpentine belt gets loose or wears down. When that happens, it can no longer properly run your water pump, alternator, and other connected parts, which could end up harming your engine in the long run.

Rattling Along the Undercarriage

If you hear rattling noises coming from underneath your car instead, then it’s likely the exhaust system acting up. Your vehicle’s exhaust pipes go from the engine to the tailpipe and are held up by a series of hangers. If those hangers break or the pipes come apart, your exhaust will let you know in an instant by making tons of noise.

Grinding from Around the Wheels

A grinding sound coming from your wheels may give you pause, and for good reason. Your brakes are tucked back behind the rims and should operate without complaint to keep you safe on the road. So, if they start making a lot of bad car sounds, then you may notice reduced stopping power not long after.

When to Come in for Service at Your Springfield OH Auto Shop

If you’re paying attention on a weekly basis, bad car sounds can let you know that trouble is brewing. Then, you can jump into action and halt the problem in its tracks before it costs you big time. So, always remember to report the strange noises to your team at Zima Automotive to figure out what’s going on with your car. You can do so by giving us a call at 937-342-3911 to get on our schedule.

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