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Why Do Car Repairs Take So Long?

Why Do Car Repairs Take So Long?

It’s not easy for most people to go without their car for a few days. They rely on it for work, for socializing, for emergencies, and more. When something goes wrong with your car, you likely want it repaired and road ready as soon as possible. Depending on the damage done, however, it can be a while before you’re back behind your wheel.

Why can it take so long for a car to be repaired? There are a few possible reasons.

Diagnosing the Problem

First and foremost, your mechanic needs to figure out what’s wrong with your car. Whether you’ve been in a collision or something has gone wrong with the engine, there is an investigation process required to find how deep the damage goes. Even if your check engine light has come on, and the mechanic runs a diagnostic, the reading often gives limited information that needs to be investigated further.

Engines can be very complex, especially with all of the computer systems and technology integrated into them these days. While this generally allows for improved efficiency, safety, and longevity, it can also take longer to diagnose a problem.

Until the issues are found, a mechanic can’t give a proper estimate for how long repairs will take.


If your car is being taken in due to an accident, insurance will need to be figured out as well. Different providers have their own ways of quoting and verifying damages. Additionally, fault must first be determined. Until the appropriate insurance companies have given the go ahead, repairs can’t start.

As long as things go smoothly, this part of the process shouldn’t take too long.

Ordering Parts

While repair shops keep certain supplies on hand, many repairs require parts to be ordered from elsewhere. If you drive a newer, more common car, the necessary parts can usually be acquired in a day or two. Some parts can be harder to come by, however, especially if you drive a less common vehicle.


At any given time, repair shops have pre-scheduled appointments with other customers. Though your needs may be urgent, their mechanics can’t simply pause their other work and see to your vehicle first. There is an order in which work needs to be done. They may be able to fit you in between existing appointments, or you may have to wait until they finish up some other work.

An honest repair shop should be upfront about how busy their current workload is and when they’ll be able to get to your vehicle.


Car repairs aren’t something you can rush through and say “it’s good enough” before the keys are handed back to the customer. The work needs to be inspected and the integrity of the vehicle needs to be tested. Any quality repair shop should have a thorough quality assurance process that confirms your car is properly repaired.

A shoddy repair job could put both you and others at risk.

Choosing the Right Mechanics

If you’re looking to get your car back in proper order as soon as possible, it’s important that you bring it to the right place. A quality auto repair shop might not be able to instantly fix your car, but they will be able to provide timely service and clear communication at a reasonable price. That’s why people in Springfield, Ohio choose Zima Automotive.

At Zima, we’ve worked hard to earn the trust of our customers through quality repair and auto services. Your needs are our top priority. We even offer things like free pick-up and drop-off on all repairs. Having your car breakdown is never convenient, but we can help make it less stressful.

For auto repair in Springfield and Urbana, Ohio, contact Zima Automotive today!

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